My Background

I grew up in the wild Westshore area.  So I have an understanding of the culture of our community.  I had two hard working parents that burned the candle at both ends and a sibling that suffered from debilitating mental health challenges that began in early adolescence to now adulthood.  From a clinical perspective, I myself, was an “at risk youth”.  I struggled when I was younger to find someone to support me that “got it”! I didn’t want someone that learned about adversity from a text book or that looked at me shocked when I would tell them about my latest crisis. 

Early adulting lead me towards the helping profession; working with adults with developmental disabilities then on to supporting children with disabilities or behavioural challenges. I found a strength in working with adults and youth that had also faced adversity and an ability to engage on a deeper level with these individuals.  They could really connect… “she get’s it.”   Many years of navigating broken support systems either in my personal life or through my career, supporting individuals or families, ultimately lead me to find my own super powers (lol) as a guide and advocate..  This is why I became a counsellor.

Fast forward to today, I am an adoptive parent of two beautiful children that sustained adverse childhood experiences resulting in challenging behaviours. I am also a home share provider for an adult with disabilities.  I understand the grind in managing a family, schedules, sports, academics, the relationship with my husband and a career.  I’ve done the work and I’ve made mistakes.

My goal is to meet my clients where they are at.  I will not judge you or be shocked by your story.  I will learn your journey and help guide you in practicing healthy ways to cope, communicate and connect.  I’ve lived adversity, survived and for the most part thrive… “I get it!”  We all struggle or make mistakes in our lives but that doesn’t have to define us.  Our struggles and mistakes can however develop us.  From the rain comes growth

My Values

20 years working in the helping profession has provided me with tools to navigate many situations surrounding adverse life experiences.  Each one being unique to the individual or family.

I am passionate about providing support through the lens of lived experience, which is reinforced through my own personal journey. I believe that making the commitment of ongoing self-growth through counselling can help people find the courage to take action towards positive change.

My goal is to provide a therapeutic service by someone that deeply understands what you are going through. I believe that given the appropriate tools and resources, coupled with an unwavering support, all of us have the capacity to foster resilience, calmness, and positive connections.

How I can help you

I can help parents, caregivers, service providers, and indigenous families survive the unique and intense stress they face by providing strategies that build on their internal resilience and strength, allowing my clients to thrive, not just survive. I adhere to all standards of confidentiality and professionalism and provide a safe, nonjudgmental environment in which to build a  supportive therapeutic relationship with my clients.

Like you, I have felt alone, exhausted, and frustrated. I have learned through these difficult moments to forgive myself, to trust myself, and to take care of myself. To have the courage to ask for help, and thus be vulnerable. This is both scary and liberating.

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