Caregiver Counselling

Are you tired of feeling used and taken for granted. Start to fill your bucket and focus on your wellbeing.

A Toolbox for Self-Care

  • A caregiver role brings joy and fullness to one’s life, but can quickly become exhausting and stressful. You often feel undervalued, overworked, and frustrated by systemic failures
  • I will help you reconnect with that joy by sharing tools of self-care and self-appreciation.

The Self-Care Approach

Caregiver Self-Care Counselling will help you to develop the skills necessary to foster a balanced life, feel heard, and finally give you permission to hang out with your friends again!


My Caregiver Counselling services will help you dig deep to find out physical and emotional barriers that prevent you from feeling  joy in your profession.

  • Individualized counselling support
  • Group workshops
  • Support in case or health management
  • Self care assessments
  • Advocacy support when dealing with with MCFD, CLBC, CYMH, Brain Injury Program or Health Services
  • Tool Box for Change
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