Parent Counselling

Do you have a child with Autism, ADHD or just challenging behaviours in general? I can help you be Calm, Connected and in Control.

Parent Support

90% of marriages fail when parenting children with challenging behaviours or special needs. Have you lost your connection to your partner or to yourself ? Don’t even get me started on the challenges single parents of children with special needs face.  I can help strengthen you and your partner or I can be that support that you have been lacking in your life.

I will help you be better connected with your child?  To reclaim yourself and your relationships!

Parents need support too. Parent counselling addresses specific issues such as parenting challenges, marital or relational challenges,work-life balance, life transitions, divorce and mental health concerns.

Calm, Confident and in Control

Imagine a home life that is more Calm. When its not… imagine feeling Confident in your skills to turn it around and in Control when you used to loose your mind or yell. By focusing on strengths, setting achievable goals, and building on coping and communication skills, we will explore your family dynamics and address the needs of each family unit.


I work closely with families to explain how to best support children as they develop their cognitive and life skills, manage challenging behaviours, and communicate with your partner.

  • Individual or Family Counselling
  • School-based advocacy & support
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