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Are you taking work stress out on your family? Do you feel like a fraud or a fake?  Are you feeling burnt out and needing to drink to unwind? or lost all your ambition for activities that you are too tired to enjoy? I can help!

Find Your Passion Again

Regain your confidence in your professional skills.  Find your strength, resilience, and compassion in your career.

Find Joy In Life

You didn’t realize how fatigued, overwhelmed, frustrated, or traumatized you are from your profession. I can help you be confident in your skills and help you find the work-life balance you deserve. I will teach you simple tools that you can use to calm your system so you can begin to enjoy those things in life you have lost.  You have been caring for others too much… its time to care for you. 


My custom-tailored process focuses on your individual professional demands, experiences, and needs. Together, we find out where you are feeling stuck and create a goal-orientated plan and supported implementation.

  • Counselling for stress, burn-out, compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and PTSD
  • Workplace Wellness Workshops
  • Workplace Enhancement Employer Workshops
  • Work- Life balance
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Taking the first step can feel daunting, but you deserve to feel safe and be heard. I invite you to contact me for a no-obligation phone consultation.

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